WINGS Multiplier (V2)
Wings Multiplier is a unique and innovative feature where you can buy "Multiplier Power" and earn daily 1% more rewards on top of your WINGS index, similar to the compounding protocols.
This is a dual staking system, meaning that when you buy "Multiplier Power" with your WINGS, you get APY from both the multiplier game and also from your wrapped tokens. Helena Autostake: 3684% APY
WINGS Multiplier: 880% APY (after claim tax)
Multi-Layered Return: 32,400% APY
There are four types of actions available in WINGS Multiplier: Buy Power, Compound, Compound Referral Earnings, and Claim.
  • All actions except "Compound Ref Earnings" can be used once in 72 hours (3 days) and each action resets the timer to zero.
  • Once the timer is reset, you must wait 72 hours to take the next action.
  • Your inventory fills up entirely in 72 hours and you must either "Compound" or "Claim" your collections to keep earning WINGS.
On the other hand, "Compound Ref Earnings" can be used anytime and do not affect the timer. More Power equals more earnings, and of course higher total returns (150% of your Power).
Knowing the min-max amounts and the game metrics is very important to fully utilize the Wings Multiplier's Benefit and Investors’ profit!
β€’ Minimum of 10 WINGS are needed for entry. β€’ Maximum amount of payout that can be achieved is 150% of your Multiplier Power. The only way to surpass this amount is to compound earnings. β€’ Total Global Game Power can reach a maximum of 100,000 Multiplier Power. Once 100k is reached, the game will stop deposits and compounds, and only claiming will be available. β€’ The maximum amount of tokens a single wallet can claim is set to 10,000 WINGS. This means if you reach 6,666 Multiplier Power, you should stop buying power or compounding, and claim only to maximize your earnings.
Direct Referral System Whenever someone "Buy Power" using your referral link directly, you receive 5% "Power" for the deposited amount. Earned "Power" through a referral system can not be withdrawn and can be used only to increase your power through compounding. Investors must approve their first transaction in WINGS Multiplier to get their referral link.
The Claim Tax and Deflating $HELENA Further! Taxes are of utmost importance for the longevity and health of the protocol. Tax amounts are calculated to be as reasonable and effective as possible. Collections will either be sent to the Hellenic Trust Fund to refill the reward pools or burned. The core of this system aims to support and bolster the portfolio of long-term investors. Deposit & Compound Tax - 0% Claim Tax - 20% Distribution of β€œClaim” tax: 10% back to Hellenic Trust Fund for refilling Reward Pools. 10% converted back to $HELENA and Burned!
Multiplier Pool Rewards Unlike $HELENA auto stake rewards, WINGS Multiplier rewards are not minted by contract. Instead, the rewards are provided by the Hellenic Trust Fund Holdings. While distributing such rewards, the WINGS Multiplier prevents inflation by avoiding the creation of new tokens, and what's more, it deflates $HELENA through the claimed taxes. This means that the game alone will be a massive catalyst for maintaining the overall protocol health and supporting an upward price trend in the long run.
Important Milestones * The game stops deposits and compounds once the "Total Power" reaches 100,000 globally. However, "Claims" will remain open so that the players withdraw their credited earnings entirely. * Once the "Total Power" reaches 50,000 globally, the next feature WINGS Rush under Helena Club House will be released, and Loyalty Point mining will be activated.
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