Helena Club House (V2)

Helena Club House is designed to provide a revenue stream and bring real value to the Helena protocol. The Club House will feature a number of games where investors can win more rewards while having fun.
Participation in Club House games will grant Nemesis Network Loyalty Point Tokens regardless of the "Win-Lose" outcome. NMSLP Tokens will be used within many upcoming features and events, but most importantly it will make the players = shareholders of Helena Protocol through its anticipated profit-sharing system. A reward-yielding protocol needs to have a revenue stream for many reasons.
First and foremost, if a protocol that distributes rewards doesn't have a revenue stream, that means the rewards are minted out of thin air. Minting rewards inevitably lowers the price of that token. Having a revenue stream like the clubhouse gives Helena real value, making it deflationary and sustainable in the long run. Check out our first Club House Game: WINGS Rush!​
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