Global Achievements (V2)

Global Achievements* aim to expand the platform's new features through collective community effort. These achievements aim to increase overall user participation through collective effort and help our investors to maximize their benefits from the progressively expanding features.
Each time a milestone is reached, a new opportunity will be introduced to the platform unlocking new ways to bring $HELENA more value. Achievement 1 Reach: "50,000 Global Multiplier Power" on WINGS Multiplier or 1 Month After V2 Release. Unlock: WINGS Rush and Loyalty Point System. Achievement 2 Mint: "100,000 Nemesis Network LP Tokens" through WINGS Rush Globally. Unlock: LP Staking / Profit Sharing Feature. Achievement 3 Stake: "250,000 Nemesis Network LP Tokens" to LP Staking. Unlock: Auction Bonding Feature (WINGS-BUSD Bond). Achievement 4 Collect: "25,000 USD" through the Auction Bonding Fees. Unlock: Reverse Auctions Feature (BUSD-LP Token Bond). Achievement 5 Burn: "25,000 LP Tokens" through the Reverse Auctions. Unlock: R.C. Golden Epochs​
*Please be vary that the terms and metrics of the Global Achievements, as listed here, may be changed unilaterally by our team. If so, this Whitepaper will be updated accordingly.